Welcome To The Official X-Sim 3 Software Page

x-sim screenshots X-Sim is universal software for commercial simulators and the Do It Yourself community. It is a ongoing private project with ten years of development history. It is freeware for non-commercial use. Outdated simulators can be migrated to X-Sim with full hardware and games support. Several companies make and sell X-Sim compatible hardware and software. Heuristics allow it to work with new games without having to wait for new games support.

This is done in two ways:
a.) The first solution is generic support of the biggest game engines and their official interfaces.
b.) A motion driver with Microsoft Direct3D (similar to the 3d stereoscopic drivers), Force Feedback, OpenGL and direct memory access support.

The range of simulators that can be used with X-Sim go from simple racing seats to big hydraulic flight simulators to virtual reality simulators for 3D applications that use D3D/OpenGL.

X-Sim is available for usage in two versions:
1.) Free for private usage - requires a working internet connection. If you are willing to add your project to our site, you are eligible to get a stage 2 key.
2.) Supporter edition - is designed for professionals and users that use it extensively. It does not require a working internet connection.
Commercial users have to read the commercial terms of usage on this page.

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If you have questions or comments, please contact us through the forum. If you would like to report a bug please use the bug tracking system.