Available X-Sim releases

x-sim ready logo The developers of X-Sim need some support to reach the main goal of new game support and new hardware support. We can provide now with this software a sample of the powerfull ideas that comes in the future. However this needs much money for development kits and hardware. So we need always financial help and donations to continue the support for your simulator. If we cannot continue the work this would be a bad situation for many DIY simulator owners. To reach this goal we decided to make some options as donation ware and we hope that we get with this model the support of the community and other companies that join our idea of future support. If you like to use the software commercial you have to go to the terms of commercial usage on the left side.

Quick Overview Table

Included featuresFreewareSingle licenseReseller edition
Online databaseyesyesown server
Presentation Vieweryesyesyes
Universal serial output / HW pluginsyesyes
X-Sim dongled to ...cloudcomputeractuator
Official game pluginsyesyesyes
Graphic driver (D3D8/9/OGL)yesyes
Memory driveryesyes
Force Feedback driveryesyes
Offline optionyesyes
Command line parameteryesyes
Own logos allowedyes
All plugins have own signatureyes
Donation to make with top donation buttonfree60€1890€
Importand note:DIY builderscommercial usagecommercial products
For commercial interests you have to read the "Terms of commercial usage" on the left navigation menu. All free editions are only licensed for private self builded simulators that are not used commercial and do not use commercial bought starter kits.

X-Sim 3 Freeware versions

Freeware features

Limited motion driver access, only official game plugins, full hardware support. This version is the community version for DIY builders. It is only for private use free. Your profiles will be clouded to the internet server of x-sim and therefor shared with other users which like to run a simulator with the same specification that may be a rebuilded version of the profiler writer. After the login there is no further internet connection needed. This means broken server connection to X-Sim will not stop your running game. Commercial bought simulators or starter kits are not included in this license. Complete motion driver access with directx and force feedback, full hardware support.
The X-Sim hoster does not guarantee the servers are anytime available and are available from any country. If you cannot connect because of such problems with your internet provider or our fault you should have a look at the supporter edition or simple life with some breaks.

X-Sim 3 Donation ware versions

X-Sim 3 Single licence key - offline edition

To get such a key you have to make a donation (read above table of for the minimum) to get a dongle key fitting to the PC code which is provided by the extractor application at the settings menu. This money will help to get the servers running and to make some racing league events over the year. The dongle is for the extractor application, the converter can be used free on additional control computers. This key can be used for commercial usage, commercial starter kits and 3rd party simulators. It works with any X-Sim 3.x.x.x version. In any case we cannot give warranty or support for such 3rd party devices.

This key will give you following features:

a.) Clouding can be disabled via menu, you rejoin when you like
b.) You do not need server authentifications and can start the application if the servers are down
c.) You can save and load profiles to or from disc like in the older X-Sim version
d.) Ongoing update support of version 3 of X-Sim (Updates are not a must for the functionality itself but for game updates)
e.) included Stage 2 activation of the free edition

If you have done a single licence key donation with the donate button you will get your key delayed (24hr) until we read the paypal mails. It may be wise to additionally inform us about your donation. If you do not get a mail from us, check your email spam folder at your mail hoster.
Warning: If you change your extractor PC hardware (e.g. network card, mainboard) or you change or reinstall windows, this key is not working anymore. You may contact the admin to give you another key but this is limited and can not be done often. For now this key system has been well accepted.