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Wiper motor flightsim

Originally started as “take your mind off things” therapy following major surgery. That’s the excuse for muddled thinking in building the frame first without thinking of how to provide motion drive.
I welded a car propshaft to a pyramid made from lengths of angle iron. The frame from an old office chair was bolted to the propshaft universal joint. Everything else was bolted to the office chair frame.
I did attach two windscreen wiper motors via lengths of threaded stud and knuckle joints to test the response. The frame (although balanced when occupied) was too heavy and required a lot of bungee ropes to provide a zeroing force which of course made things harder for the motors.
I toyed with the idea of using golf trolley motors and pulleys attached by automotive cambelts but started to lose enthusiasm when it finally dawned on me that I had no idea how to link the motors to Microsoft FSX.
I tried hooking-up an Arduino and Chinese H-bridges to the drawer slide mechanisms from old CD drives as a means of testing software but loading Arduino code is the limit of my software talent.
That’s when I discovered the X-SIM DE website.
I’m now aiming to build something lilke Bergison’s G-Seat for which I assume wiper motors will be adequate although I may still try the golf trolley motors for the seat base panels.
Hoping to be able to piggy-back on the software of other contributors.
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