Race07 series Profile creation

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Race07 series Profile creation

Postby floriske » Fri 19. Oct 2012, 16:16

Since I'm most likely not the only newbie trying to figure out motion profiles ;) I decided to place this discussion here rather than in my project topic.

At the start of this discussion I had the following values in my race07 profile in progress:

• Vertical force: 1500000 @ 40%
• Lateral Force: 2000000 @ 70%
• Longtitudal Force: 2000000 @ 60%

Those values where set during a nice clean lap with hitting nothing but asphalt, but the vertical force felt way off.

This lead to the following remarks by Motiondave:

motiondave wrote:use collision effect for vertical, bumps, that way you can work on small ish bumps, but its not to nasty when you go off track...



motiondave wrote:set the vertical number fairly small, reduce % of effect if it is to harsh, then add that number in collision with a bit extra.

For race07, I use 981 on vertical with 7% and 1081 in collision. Mind you, it get vibration at idle.
Every game will be different.

and BobBuilt:

BobBuilt wrote:Dont think you got the point mate, As with a 2 dof frame you can only simulate vertical forces and after a few years of playing with profiles, I discovered that if you capture the vertical doing a nice clean lap without hitting kerbs or grass verticals can come out low. Plus because we can only simulate not reproduce a vertical movement with our sims you really only need to use a small intensity value to simulate a quick little pitch movement to simulate the vertical rise of the car ie road vibs and sawtooth kerb, etc. Give it a go mate might be surprised, having too high of values sometime takes away all the little things that happen in motion, As with forces a 2dof unit can only simulate the long,lat,vert but can reproduce the roll and pitch well, so I use my roll and and pitch then mix in small amounts of intensity of the other force to give the feel I want out of a profile, been quite lucky in life and drive alot of different and expensive cars, so i got a good personal feel of what should be coming through the sim for me.

I think this can be some good tips for every new user and I would like to know/start discussion on if there are some more general "unlisted" tips for Race07 profiles.

I'm quite busy, but am going to try to mess around with the above tips this weekend.
I am no longer an admin/active moderator at http://www.x-sim.de. Please contact one of the other admins or moderators if you have any questions. Thank you!

My sim-project: Floriske.nl's 2DOF Playseat GT Wiper motor Project (sold)
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Re: Race07 series Profile creation

Postby motiondave » Sat 20. Oct 2012, 00:06


If I do a run for automatically getting values, I get similar numbers as well. After that, I have to fine tune.
I had issues on mine with race 07 and vertical going like "kerplunk kerplunk" slowly at 200kph. So I tried increasing the minimal value from -1 to -1000 and max to 100000 to try to shorten up the motion spikes. It sort of worked, but took away fine vibration. SO then I worked down in the numbers....a long way till I got 981 and -1 , but at 7%.
For me, it gave me a decent mild vibration, maybe not much effect on ripple strips but it does the job.
As said, I dont really bother with individual profiles for individual cars with individual tracks, I am lazy.
You are going to have to experiment and fine tune.

We can upload heaps of profiles to cloud, but it comes down to the same thing, you need to spend time adjusting to suit your frame.

I have 2 sims currently, big worm gear motor and experimental brick actuator sim.
I have had to make different profiles for each sim and each game raced on it.
My foot motor sim is currently being used by a buddy of mine and he is having to make new profiles to suit him. Same sim, different user.
On race 07, the vertical is different between motor and actuator, mainly because of design of frame, not actual device moving me.
Without going off on too much a tangent. I found big motors set right feel the same as actuators despite being on different frames to actuators.
Obviously I will put big motors eventually on actuator frame to properly compare.

You can see the differences in frame design, so different profiles will have to be written.
I think there needs to be proper discussion for sure on this about profile making, as it is a LOOOOONNNGGG discussion to talk about.
But as said, profiles shared do help, but individual fine tuning is needed.
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Re: Race07 series Profile creation

Postby motiondave » Sat 20. Oct 2012, 00:08

sorry to slightly hijack the thread, but pictures explain more........ ;)
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