Does LockOn plugin work with DCS-world?

Does LockOn plugin work with DCS-world?

Postby Settingz85 » Fri 12. Apr 2013, 19:32

Hello Simmers,
i´ve been playing around with the x-sim software, trying to get DCS world to run.
DCS world is based on the old LockOn. DCS seems to handle the data export like LockOn does. Its a *.lua script.
On the first look there have not been any changes to the *.lua script, despite there are lots of further option for cockpit-builders. So i thought that DCS and x-sim might work together somehow.
I created a profile in the extractor, picked up the LockOn plugin and hit "Play Game" button. At first DCS-world starts as it should be, but shortly after the loading screen the screen turns black and DCS quit working. If i choose to run the game without the extractor, simply click on DCS.exe to run the game, everything works good. So the game is not broken, but x-sim converter refuses to run the game. Did someone had the same issue with DCS? Did someone manage to run DCS with extractor? Any advices?

edit: Managed to get DCS running through Extractor. Still no data/changing values in Converter to see. Flight recorder/Helperfile says "no connection"
Any Ideas??

btw: i copied ...X-Sim/other stuff/LockOn/Export.lua to ...user/saved games/DCS/Scripts

edit: i found the "DCS forum section" (viewforum.php?f=79) :oops:
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