What Software - will dictate hardware.

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What Software - will dictate hardware.

Postby slybynight » Tue 10. Nov 2020, 06:16

Hi Guys

I couldn't find an appropriate sub-forum, but I have a specific question.
I have a 5 monitor setup running on 5 PS3's running GT6.
I love it.
I have no interest in VR.

My rig is ready to install 2DOF motion (cardan and anti rotation in place, arduino and wiper motors sitting on bench....), but I really want software that will:

1. output motion data
2. enable me to play online
3. support 5 monitors - yes ALL 5. 3 will not suffice!

Happy to buy PC, but confused over which software will do all 3 of the above.

Please help.
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