Adjustable motion simulator build

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Adjustable motion simulator build

Postby Tino » Mon 25. Feb 2019, 09:29

omething I'm building! Fully automated rig with individual patches/memories and ability to automatically transform from standard race car position to F1 or go-kart racing position on a touch of a button. Automatic adjustments include: seat distance and angle adjustment, wheel height and angle adjustment, Pedals distance and angle adjustment. Project is on going and for more information and pictures of the build you can check out YouTube video where i summarized progress so far.

Check out video named "Adjustable motion simulator build part 1" on T.S. Custom channel on YouTube
Forum wont let me put video in the post?

Parts used:

The brain of the rig is planned to be Arduino mega (for position automation). Thinking about using THANOS AMC1280USB as interface for motion

Car Window motors used mostly for automation of racing position

2 wiper motors simulate road texture and G forces. Motors are from Iveco Daily (stronger an better quality transmision)

1 regular wiper motor for side seat motion.

I'm also planing to put motors on seat back support to simulate acceleration and braking effects as well as shift change effect ad racing belt tensioning.

Some BMW car jacks for linear motion

Parts from old photocopying machines and other devices

for motion position sensor Incremental Rotary Encoders 400P/R 6mm are planned to be used

For racing position WXD3-13-2W 10K ohm Rotary Multi-turn Potentiometer are used

Updates soon!
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