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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby yokoyoko » Sun 24. Mar 2013, 08:14

I am almost sure the latest rf2 build is not working with x-sim motion plugin. Have anyone noticed it too?

Here it is working fine... and motion aswell
--> Here it is working fine too.

One question is open: where to copy the rf2 x-sim plugin?

Not sure if I understand the question correct but there is a plugin-folder in the rfactor2 rootfolder. That's where I copied it.
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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby sirnoname » Sun 24. Mar 2013, 09:01

Oh yes, after I did installed it to c:\rfactor2 the packages "and" plugin directory is also there ... was not with "program files (x86)".
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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby RafBR » Sun 24. Mar 2013, 17:24

Since when I installed rf2 to c: root I dont have anything else over program files (x86).
And the plugin is located in c:/rfactor2/plugins
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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby Nnexxus » Sat 13. Apr 2013, 12:09

Hi all

I've recently updated X-Sim to v3.0.1.4, and now I can't get it to work with rFactor 2. I've manually indicated the rFactor.exe file (under Core directory of my rFactor2 install) but when I attempt to start the game from X-Sim I just get a popup saying that I should start the game using the launcher. If I point X-Sim to the rFactor launcher exe, when I press "Play Game" in X-Sim I get the rFactor 2 launcher and I can launch the game from there, but then X-Sim "Play Game" button becomes immediately blue again (I guess it detects that the launcher is now closed) and I can't press "Start" on the converter, it complains that the extractor is not sending any data.
With previous version of X-Sim I just started the game manually, alt-tabbed out of it, and then pressed "Try send data" button in X-Sim extractor. It was a bit painful but it worked fine. But on latest version of X-Sim the "Try send data" button is gone.

So I guess it all boils down to this question : how do you manage to launch rFactor 2 from X-Sim ?
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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby prodigy » Sat 13. Apr 2013, 13:51

The best would be to let Extractor autoscan for the game.

If you go manual, I have added RF2 Launcher.exe in Extractor and choosed rFactor plugin from the list.
Then copied the xSimRF2plugin.dll from the first page of this topic, into rFactor2/plugins folder.
When I press Play Game from Extractor it start the RF2 Launcher and from there I start the game, Extractor is still working normally, button still grey.

Are you using RadeonPRO software or MSI Afterburner?

A friend of mine had a conflict with RadeonPro, the play game button would become blue immediately after start like the problem you have, when he turned off RadenPro everything worked fine.
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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby Nnexxus » Sat 13. Apr 2013, 20:25

I got it to work, thanks ! I guess I did not activate the "game detection" properly before. Now with X-Sim pointed toward the launcher .exe it works fine, the "play game" button remains grey while I start the game. Thank you for your answer, and sorry to have bothered you ;)
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Re: RFactor 2 Plugin

Postby Speedracer » Wed 8. Jun 2016, 03:34

A little reminder since build 1098 there a lots of change
par exemple in rfactor 2 folder there bin32, bin64 , core, launcher folders, there a Plugins folder in each, where should i put the plugin in the first page? i try all no luck, the extrector and convert is on ,play button grey star button red, everiting normal but no motion
I try the scan, the manuel, that point to launcher.exe

in pluins folder it shoud have the plugin from rfactor(x-sim) plus the rf2 plugin from this topic? or the plugins in that topic remplace the rfactor plugin from x-sim?

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