Selling a Thanos Joyrider simulator

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Selling a Thanos Joyrider simulator

Postby Redotix » Sun 28. Apr 2019, 12:50

My father has built this simulator a few years ago and now we are interested in selling it.
I only know the basic info about the simulator but theres no problem contacting my father. (I did the software part, he did the hardware)

Its a Thanos joyrider simulator built using 3 wiper motors, a logitech G25 steering wheel, an Acer 1080p 60hz monitor, a porsche 924(?) seat.

We are selling everything mentioned above and a pc running win xp with the x-sim profiles in there. (it is currently set up to run trough two computers so this one doesnt actually run the games it only receives information from the primary computer)

It is made fully out of steel but its balanced and still responds quickly.

We are looking for around 1300€ though the price is negotiable a little bit.

We live in Slovakia in Rožňava
any discussion about price/shipment should be discussed trough my Email address.

Discord: Redotix99 M33T3R D0GG3R#1308
as stated again, please only use my email to discuss payment/shipping, dont use my discord for these.

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