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F1 2016

Postby whoracle » Sun 6. Nov 2016, 17:11

I am new and are testing with a virtual sim, I get it running with Race07 example, but I want to play F1 2016 and build a Sim for that game, it won't work to get the virtual sim in moving when I play F1 2016
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Re: F1 2016

Postby ajsellesen » Thu 1. Dec 2016, 18:09

it is impossible to play F1 2016 whit x-sim, and are there some there now how to connect x-sim to arduino
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Re: F1 2016

Postby sirnoname » Fri 2. Dec 2016, 01:25

I did check F1 2016 with steam.
It does work as usual. Please note the X-Sim plugins are future save usable, you only have to add the game manually or generate a autoscan file.

Attached is a autoscan file for F2016.
You need also to download the F2015 plugin and install it to /plugin.


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Re: F1 2016

Postby lyspatriote » Sun 13. Aug 2017, 23:25

Weird problem here

My x-sim work fine with f1 2016 but only for 30-35 minutes after that my converter shut down and i have to re-start any ideas whats goin on?

I got it on steam

thanks Guys
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Re: F1 2016

Postby giantruck » Sat 26. Aug 2017, 19:18

To run F1 2017? Someone has tried it !!!!
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