Question on power supply for 3dof using dc motors

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Question on power supply for 3dof using dc motors

Postby RevoRacing » Tue 26. Jan 2016, 15:49

hey everyone,

trying to work out the best way to power up my 3dof sim using the motion dynamics 12v dc 200w 16amp worm drive motors, 2 for the seat and one for traction loss (probably well dahhh lol )

now i've seen a lot of info about server power supplies and while i don't doubt that they wouldn't do the job id rather only have one plug in the outlet rather than three, now would it be possible to use 1 of these....T-1000-12-Super-Stable-Power-supply-unit-1000W-DC12V-10-5V-13-8V-80AMP-220V...EBAY (cant post links)

now i've seen some info that power supplies tend to not like the initial startup loads, hence some people utilizing a battery in the system as well to take up the slack is it possible to do this with a capacitor if necessary???

using 3 43a h-bridges that are heat sinked and will be in a box running a fan with an arduino controlling the show...


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