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Postby Hmaia » Fri 14. Jun 2013, 23:45

I am now getting the electronic components for my build.
I have two of the three SCN5's 100 mm, and looking at power supplies.
My question is how to go with power supply. Do I need to go with individual units, one to each SCN5, or can I use a single unit, like this one:
The model I am looking at is tSP-240-24, 24v, 10A.
I will be ordering three Devantech USB to RS485 converters.
If I need to go with three units, do I have to incorporate three kill switches or can I add one to the AC line feeding power supplies?
Thank you again for all the help i have had.
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Re: Power Supplies

Postby crs2012 » Thu 18. Jul 2013, 09:35

Directly from the SCN5 Manual

Power required is DC 24V+/-10%, Max 3A

So running 3 of them off that power supply should be ok.

I've run 2 x SCN5 150mm actuators off a single 24VDC @ 6.5A power supply with no issues. As long as the total is within the power supply specs, it should be ok.

No real need for individual power supplies unless you just feel like spending extra money to do the same thing as one.
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