Thanos who goes by the name tronicgr

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Thanos who goes by the name tronicgr

Postby futuresims » Wed 29. May 2013, 17:28

Who goes by the name tronicgr here at has been the main contributor and the main force behind the electronics which has made it possible for anyone to build a motion simulator.

This is the link to his blog:

Thanos started with the day the website was launched and since that time he has spent a lot of his time improving and perfecting his electronics designs.

Thanos has donated his designs to the community and has helped many users to modify his original designs for their own purposes.

Thanos has been doing this for more than 10 years now and he has never asked for anything in return from anyone ever and continues to help everyone and continues to make electronic improvements for the community.

I would ask anyone who has benefited from his work if you can make a donation to his PayPal account.
I would ask that you donate only the amount you are comfortable with and can afford.
No one will be jugged if the amount of donation is little or a lot.
What matters is that if you have some benefit from his help and work that you make a donation.

This is much better than being presented with some award that he can hang on his wall.

Thanos is truly an entrepreneur.

No one knew I was going to post this.

Thank you.
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Re: Thanos who goes by the name tronicgr

Postby Racerr87 » Wed 29. May 2013, 18:21

EDIT: post has been moved.

Whats the reason or addendum you are trying to mention?

I think everybody who has done little research in the motion sim world has seen thanos great work and well appreciate what he is doing.
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Re: Thanos who goes by the name tronicgr

Postby sirnoname » Wed 29. May 2013, 18:26

He talks about some reward. The link he wrote is already on the mainpage and in the gallery.

I have removed the multi posts to the fitting forum. Spam is not allowed.
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Re: Thanos who goes by the name tronicgr

Postby tronicgr » Wed 29. May 2013, 18:59


Thanks for the compliments but I see this post a little unnecessary. Its not all about me. Sirnoname is the main developer behind the ONLY DIY motion simulation software (X-Sim3). I just compliment his developments with proper electronics that can be used to drive all kinds of motors or actuators.

I prefer if people are using their money to support x-sim3 project than me and help with beta testing. This is the main priority right now.

Best Regards,
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