Help needed with condor udp and arduin

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Help needed with condor udp and arduin

Postby bidfordreynolds » Thu 10. Aug 2017, 11:42

Hi guys,
I am building a gliding sim to include a platform 4 dof. I have started by trying to creat some instruments using condor udp data profile and stepper motors. I wish to use arduino to code and output to steppers. I have found some great examples for code to convert the parser to leds, rpm etc but when I try and replicate I am not getting the result I need. I think it may be due to the way condor profile outputs the data. For example airspeed can be at 1.7453 and using the outputlog it appears to be outputting 17453 not a float. I found I was using 8bit decimal output so tried 16bit binary but still no good. I think the code is ok but maybe the uso output is not as expected. I am waiting for an LCD to arrive so I can see actual uso output at arduino but still think this may not help!
Hope someone can help
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