2 PC and operating systems

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2 PC and operating systems

Postby abs2 » Wed 30. Oct 2013, 17:02

question 1:
I use currently one single PC with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

i want to use a laptop also . what is the required software (OS) . can i use xp 32 ? xP 64? windows 8 (32 or 64?

I have a laptop and xp 32 bit that i might be able to use .

question 2 :

the docs says use UDP Lan. I have a wireless router with available wired connections . will that work?

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Re: 2 PC and operating systems

Postby sirnoname » Thu 31. Oct 2013, 15:36

XP with latest IE and SP to Win 8 in 64 and 32 bit are possible. Vista and up should deactivate UAC because the old games (GTR2/Race07) use communication in global namespace which need admin rights. Firewall deaktivated for first tests, then you can enable it step by step.
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