Talk about the offline option, good, bad?

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Re: ALE's 3dof simulator with wiper motors

Postby prilad » Wed 5. Jun 2013, 20:33

Turn wrote:You mean there are actually people out there who will gladly spend $100s of dollars on motors for a garage-based system, a thousand or more on the whole system, and then refuse to support X-Sim by paying the 30euro to them for an offline key? X-Sim, which makes it all possible.


There is no defense for such an attitude. Doubly so considering the principles of fairness and simple gratitude, when they even have the possibility of reducing that price to $0 through a simple 3-page project post.

tronicgr wrote:My point exactly... And that's summarizes what is the so called "war" between the new and the old forum... I mean, Really???

Hi, guys.

Excuse me, but I do not know what your claim to me?

@Turn - I was published some my software projects on this forum, much more then "simple 3-page". But I do not ask the x-sim key for me. Because I'm on this forum is not for the fact that to take anything, but to share my knowledges and projects.

And yet - I think it's my thing, how and on what I spend my money.

@tronicgr - I do not participate in any "wars". On the contrary, when, during our correspondence on the old site, you advised me to publish my firmware on the new site, I did so.

I repeat it again - I do not use any SIm-3 or Sim-2 software. There are many others simulator projects...
If you think that I should not be on your forum - no problem - just tell ...

Sorry for my English...

best regards,
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Talk about the offline option, good, bad?

Postby vicpopo » Wed 5. Jun 2013, 22:42

Hi Ale,

There is a little bit nervosity on the forum.I wouldn't like that you become a collateral damage from the Motion forum !!
I always appreciate your contribution.
Keep cool men!

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Re: Talk about the offline option, good, bad?

Postby sirnoname » Thu 6. Jun 2013, 01:17

Hi prilad,

we splited the topic to not get offtopic.

This is not offending.
I do know many developers like you that do it from the scratch and there is no problem with this.
They do it because they like to know how it works.
Also I know the many other new software that is available since we started X-Sim, also no problem.
Some of them are designed as small commercial addon gadgets without the knowlege about realtime control (one PC or a missing RT microcontroller like the simcon base of the frex), some other do control flight simulators with higher integration and cluster work. A compare is possible if you do such simulator developer meetings like the one in munich in the next days. (13-14.7.).

Here are more interesting project than only software (you know the OS hardware, the 3D stuff etc.). So we will have much fun in the future.
However I do not like that people do not ask if there is a new feature needed or they have problem with our design that stops the hobby fun!
For now I have to say that your statments, about offline users, is simple not verified yet. Sorry that is my/our current status about this single option.
Instead exact this online community feature did get the people together that bring the stuff here, that is a viewable fact of the last year.
Hey, this forum exists only one single year and the members did post so many stuff ;)
Of course, sometimes I have to remove stuff because a member get commercial or such things. This was normally not be noticed. This forum get cleaned up every 2 monthes. This means real active developers, no inactive users without posts.
You as developer do profit from the response of that community feature because the builders get in direct contact with you and make together with you your project better and better.
Maybe this thread can help us to bring more knowlege in some days ...

Best regards,
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Re: Talk about the offline option, good, bad?

Postby ferslash » Fri 7. Jun 2013, 19:17

i have one only thing against the internet check, it is the fact of dependency, sometimes in my home, (it is not often) the internet signal blinks, and i get no internet for 20 minutes (this is not that bad)

the bad thing would be if for some reason, this forum just close, for sabotage, hacking, or just because you get suddenly lost in a trip to the amazon jungle... (could happen) :D

on the other hand, i did not knew that i could earn a key just by posting my sim (maybe we should give this fact a little publicity)

other option could be maybe ask... hey dudes, how much do you think that could be a good idea to pay for the software, and if you guys should to pay for the software which options or features would you like the software to include.?? (so like in Vegas, we put the mouth where the money) (even when the money at the end goes to development or site hosting)

i think and it is just my opinion, that obviously could be wrong, maybe the "feeling" in the community is some kind of "vulnerability" that the rules could just suddenly change and being left aside (this is not true since the software is actually free) (but maybe this is the "feeling" and we could make thinks to avoid that felling iMHO.

best regards

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Re: Talk about the offline option, good, bad?

Postby museumsteve » Sun 9. Jun 2013, 14:56

I have no problem with paying to have an offline option. Infact I paid as a supporter and never use the offline option. I paid because I have had lots of use from x-sim3 and I felt it was the right thing to do.
I don't pretend to understand the software side of these things so I am happy to pay for someone else to do the work.
I try all motion software I can. If I find one is easier to use than another I will use it for a long time then maybe change for a while as new versions come out.
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Re: Talk about the offline option, good, bad?

Postby wollo » Mon 10. Jun 2013, 23:31

I have to say I am very happy with the offline option. The donation is very modest when compared to the investment even a second hand hardware rig or the electricity required to run it. I've barely scratched the surface of what I can have going on with this software and I feel like I've had my moneys worth every time my low fuel light comes on while racing. Please keep up the good work everyone. Thanks for all the ideas I've received already.
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