How does one obtain a stage 2 KEY?

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How does one obtain a stage 2 KEY?

Postby jsmith2307 » Thu 26. Jul 2012, 16:10

Greetings, :D
I would like to obtain a stage 2 key. How does one go about it?
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Re: How do you obtain a stage 2 KEY

Postby tronicgr » Thu 26. Jul 2012, 16:12

Read the instruction here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=226

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Re: How does one obtain a stage 2 KEY?

Postby floriske » Sat 28. Jul 2012, 11:41

That's one way, the other can be found here: ... rmsprivate

For the beta it's important that we know what type your sim is and what hardware is used so the project topic won't have to be as detailed as for obtaining a stage 2 key without beta testing (still detailed though, not just some pictures).

Because of the new site we might have to review the rules a bit, but since it's holiday season that might take a few weeks our so.

Until than, if you think your project topic is worth a stage 2 key contact one of the moderators or admins and we'll decide together if it will be granted.
I am no longer an admin/active moderator at Please contact one of the other admins or moderators if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Re: How does one obtain a stage 2 KEY?

Postby mimio37B » Fri 18. Jan 2013, 23:05

I would like to obtain a stage 2 key,is that you can provide me? My simulator is in the project topic. ;)

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