Would like to see your project in this gallery?

Here you can request a finished project topic in the "Motion simulator Finished Project Gallery"

Would like to see your project in this gallery?

Postby floriske » Fri 6. Jul 2012, 16:00

As you might have noticed it is not possible to post in the Motion simulator Finished Project Gallery.

This gallery is ment for finished and detailed simulator project logs only!

If you would like to add your project to this gallery you can place a request in this forum.

This request can simply be the exact topic as you would like to see it here with a few simple rules:

• Detailed build information
• As much info as possbile on used hardware as possible
• Overview and detail photo's

Once you've placed your request topic one of the moderators will decide if your project is suitable for this gallery or will place remarks if he thinks some improvements are needed.

Just to be clear on this: This section is not ment for simply moving a topic from the "Motion simulator Projects in progress" board since updates on the build will be scattered all around the topic. This section is for complete build logs which contain all information from start to end in the first post(s).

Questions? Feel free to contact any of the moderators!
I am no longer an admin/active moderator at http://www.x-sim.de. Please contact one of the other admins or moderators if you have any questions. Thank you!

My sim-project: Floriske.nl's 2DOF Playseat GT Wiper motor Project (sold)
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