xsim3 sli-pro rfactor2

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xsim3 sli-pro rfactor2

Postby abs2 » Sat 22. Jun 2013, 09:57

hello all,

i installed last xsim version and cand get my sli pro working with x-sim and rfactor 2. I had another version of x-sim where i could use the sli pro by pressinf the sending data , activate the the profiler and starting the game (3 steps). in the latest x-sim we can only do one step (or 2) by pressing :start game".

it seems this is the issue (maybe). anyone has a fix?

thanks a lot.
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Re: xsim3 sli-pro rfactor2

Postby sirnoname » Sat 22. Jun 2013, 10:41

hi abs,

the game application was never able to drive the slipro.
The device is driven by the converter (old profiler) application.
Your error is there.
First you have to go to the interface setup and insure the sli is detected.
You have verify incoming data in the input setup and a loaded profile in the math setup.

In the end you save all parts and have a one click profile.
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