Servodrive or sabertooth ?

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Servodrive or sabertooth ?

Postby Eloi » Mon 6. May 2019, 10:42

Hello there !
So, i working on 360° project.
And since few, I thinking about the motor. What kind, power ... André gives me a lot of advice direction. ( he build is own 360°).

Actually, I m looking for the brushless motor solution like 220V 750 W or 1000W with a gearbox. ( i don't forget the saber is 30V )

My pit without me, seat, command ... 133Kg.

So for my brushless motor, i can buy the servodrive. But it's possible to use a Sabertooth for replacing the servodrive ?

Il mind, i don't know if I can take all information like feedback, speed ect... to "translate" for X-sim. And to be honest, sabertooth is cheap :p or a servodrive il very very expensive!

So, if somebody ar already try ?

Any advice ;)


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