AC servo motor

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AC servo motor

Postby happytriger2000 » Sun 29. May 2016, 12:25

Had a look at this forum about Motors, most of them are AC motor + gear head powered by VFDs, has anyone here used AC servo motor eg., Mitsubishi MRJ2S or Yaskawa Sigma 7 on their 6DOF platforms?, I use a lot of MRJ2S on desktop cnc machines and planning to use it for my simulator project as well.
I have 2 MRJ2S on my desk 1 is set in position mode and the other is set in speed mode. For position mode, the MRJ2S accepts Pulse, Dir and COM from the AMC board or BOB (breakout Board for cnc) like this:

If I use the Pulse, DIR, COM and connect them to AMC1280USB's PWM Channels as below:
What else do I need to set in AMC1280USB board?
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