ZYT90-155-12 and which gearbox... don't know??

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ZYT90-155-12 and which gearbox... don't know??

Postby WowaDriver » Fri 17. Jul 2015, 12:49

Hi guys,

actually i'm completly redesign my simulator and will add the third axsis for TL.
At the moment i use normaly wiper motors with an arduino + H-bridge combo,
but i will change this, because this combo doesn't configurable in the PWM so much,
so my motors a still noisy, i mean really noisy...
Here is an link to an old video of the first test and if you turn up the speakers you
can hear it, but what i mean are not the mechanical tones of the parts, i mean especially
the motors!


But ok, so i decide to buy the ZYT90-155 motors with a pololu jrk combo, because
many guys here in the forum shown video of their sims and the motors were all very
quiet as mine.

These motors are from:
https://www.motioncontrolproducts.co.uk ... tor-04-nm/

Their price is very cheap, i find, but for the gearboxes they can give me only the left hand
version. I think it would be better if i will use one left and one right hand gearbox for
the seat and the simetrial look, and one right/left, it doesn't matter, for the TL.

They said to me that the only will have the left hand version in stock for the future...
So i don't know what to do. To order these motor in australia is to expensive because of
the utlra high shipping costs. I'm from germany so the company from the UK will be
the best one.

Do you have an idea where i can find an alternative seller for these motors and gearboxes?
Or should i have to use the MCP2 gearbox, becuase at their data sheet i saw, that the axis
is on both side going out of the gearbox, so i wouldn't have an symetrical problem?

What should i do? Have you guys any other idea how to use 3 left hand MCP4 gearboxes?
I'm thinking about to order these 60:1 motor incl. gearbox, but i think this is a bit oversized or?
I will only have a normal seatmover, think there is an ratio of 25:1 the better way...??
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-DC-Geared ... 1a02b18bdd

Best regards

Waldemar Jost
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