Need help for my real car sim project ALFA SPYDER

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Need help for my real car sim project ALFA SPYDER

Postby GraceMamati » Sun 22. Mar 2015, 00:54

Hello to everyone,

before posting this post, I searched and read countless pages from members. I am a lot informed about simulators by your way....but of course I have to improve myself with your helps.

I am owning a little PS3 game center and I want to put 1 or 2 motion simulator for PC.
My prior project is to transform a real sports car to a simulator as on this link:
For that I am planning to buy a 96 Alfa Romeo Spider and use G27 steering and pedals but I making a connection for using with original Alfa steering wheel and pedals. The original shifter will be replace by Thrustmaster TH8 manuel shifter. 3 big Led screen on front of the car, having game sound from upgraded original car stereo will complete the details.

I want to put 4 high power /High torque actuators on every swing arm near each suspension. The car weight is 1370KG, I am planning to remove the engine, transmission, radiator and everything that will be unnecessary on simulator.
Like this I realize that the weight will be reduce to approximately 1000Kg .
In my project the wheels will stay on ground, the chassis will have the motion like on the video. Thus, wheels and swing arms weight will be decreased this way and approx. 200Kg less weight on chassis. And with the help of the original suspension springs the actuators will be less loaded.
I spoke with a local manufacturer of actuator who are producing custom spec actuators on demand. The data sheet is attached, the EMS32 (500mm/s speed and 4410N force) seems a right choice with custom length and stroke.
So I have no worry to find the actuator that I will need. But of course there is a problem...these actuators have servo or step motor configuration that I don't know the wiring diagram right now and I am new on building simulator.

So...regarding my questions...I will be pleased if you can aswer me as detailed as you can.

1- What Hardware should I use (Arduino? JRK? MonsterMoto?....) or Thanos AMC 1.6 (but I prefer to use a ready one, It will be hard to produce it for me)
2- What will be the setup for 4actuator on each wheel on X-Sim?
3- What should I use for coding?
4- What will be the important things that comes to your mind that I must take care?

Thank you in advance
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