Traction loss build + buttkicker advice

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Traction loss build + buttkicker advice

Postby st8smn » Tue 9. Jul 2013, 10:44

Hi all,
Im looking at fabricating a pivot point at the front of my rig and have the back run on bearings to give the traction loss effect.

i will do a 2 or 3dof in the future but at the moment my rig is too heavy (77kg without me), so i"ll start with this project to see how it all works and how i can adapt it all into a future build.

I will post the basic concept drawing in the next day or so once i actually get something on paper (its all in my head at the moment :lol: )

Before i get into mods on my curent rig I'd like to start with seting up my buttkicker with x sim just to get used to using the program itself as i have no idea how... any help would be appreciated

feeling pretty noobish at the mo , lol


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Re: Traction loss build + buttkicker advice

Postby yokoyoko » Tue 9. Jul 2013, 12:19

Hi st8smn,

perhaps you know my video where i explained my tl build:

I have some pictures in my thread too: --> page >=6

You have to look your bearing's (front/rear) will support your + the sims weight. For example my rear bearings support 100N each - if your weight is 75kg (+77kg simweight) you would need at least 15 of this type of bearings. Or you will look for an other solution.
If you use a "wheel bearing + housing" of a car in the front - this will support much more weight than 150kg...


On bass shakers: --> do a search in the forum. There a several threads regarding this topic.
You will have to setup your soundcard in the "interface section" of the converter. After you will have to create two axis in the math section. One for the frequency and one for the volume. In these axis you can adjust what kind of effects you like (bumps, rpm, drift....). When you have created these axis you need to assign the axis in the output section.

Best regards
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