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Re: Joyrider

Postby value1 » Fri 12. Apr 2013, 13:08

Hi Mononeurone
Your simulator looks great.
The simulator IS great indeed ;) Thanks for the compliment! You can see the early stages of my simulator here
If i have understand, you're using winchs instead of wipers. Is that right ? Is the difference is significant ?
Yes, I am using winches (Arwin TRC9202, 1'000 kg traction) instead of wipers. The maximum power output of the winch motors is about 2x the maximum power output of my wipers. So the difference is significant.
Also the winches are solid built (all steel, no plastic), have a big gear rate (reduction down to 14 RPM in my case) and therefore have a big torque which allows them to rotate the construction easily.
Could you tell me what kind of electrical stuff you use for your winchs ? I'm a beginner but i saw you're using a 12V supply. Do you almost have a computer power supply too for electronical part ?
I am using two Einhell BT-BC 30. They suit my needs and have V- and A- meters built-in. However you can also use a 850W PC power supply.
You're using an AMC motor controller (1.6 ?). Isn't be easier to use Sabertooth 2X12V + Velleman VM110 (K8055) ?
I am using 2 JRK’s. They are so easy to connect.
If you want to enjoy the fun of building your own controller, go for the AMC. If you intend to buy the electronics, you’re far better served with the JRK than with the VM110N/Sabertooth 2X12. The price is similar, especially if you compare the same currents (Sabertooth 2X25 V2); the JRK can easily handle 25A if you keep it cool. And BTW, according to sirnoname “K8055 are ONLY for pneumatic and hydraulik, they are not really usable for electric motors!

I'm currently experimenting with these motors because they are even stronger and faster. More to come…
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Re: Joyrider

Postby Mononeurone » Fri 3. May 2013, 11:21

Hi Value1,

I'm surprised by using a 850W PC supply. Could this support the 2 motors ?
I'm really interessed by your work, according it's the best 2 ways diy simulator i've seen.
Have you ever thinking about a third way on your simulator by rotating the complete structure on vertical axe ? To make a drift/skid effect ?
One more question, how do you make the vibration effect ?

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