2 DOF Motion rig "Elegance Rig" by WowaDriver

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Re: 2 DOF Motion rig "Elegance Rig" by WowaDriver

Postby Smule » Tue 11. Aug 2015, 19:51

Hello Waldemar ;)

Love your motion rig.. :)

Must admit I'm copying a lot of your parts for my project..

Looks very professional the way you have designed it.

Bur I have a question regarding your H-bridges.

I have the same model. The terminal called "enable". Do you know if it is the same other H bridges calls PWM? (Pulse Width modulation)? Used to control the speed with pulses..

Or is it just an 5v enable "start" terminal?

I have not been able to find any documentqtion of the H-bridge.

Are you satisfied with the wiper motors? Both in performance and noise?

Looking forward to hear from you..

Regards Simon
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