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View the latest post New update of X-Sim

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We are proud to present a new update of X-Sim with many new features and bugfixes.
Yokoyoko did finished the beta test task and is also proud to present you very importand video material for you.
It is highly recommended to use this new version, it is simple more usable with a better workflow than the older versions. As you can see in the below history there have been many problems fixed to improove the workflow.

This are the changes of X-Sim compared to the older
- fixed: some message boxes are not top most and popup behind the main program
- fixed: command line parameters for supporter edition and double execution
- fixed: return key in chat window will not send the message
- fixed: the extractor is not visible if a multimonitor setup changes
- added: hardware interface plugin for the arduino xpid interface
- added: pololu jrk high resolution plugin
- added: G-Force plugin can now use the last math value as input value
- changed: clouding only once a day to speed up the extractor workflow
- added: autoisolate will now set back all cpu affinity on a converter quit
- added: gforce easy auto maximum buttons in converter
- added: game wizard script files for game launchers (RBR)
- added: online autoupdate for plugin and game wizard scripts
- added: RBR plugin has now yaw speed and accelerations
- added: 1:1 pass through in gforce plugin
- added: balanced maximum option in g-force plugin
- added: unify option in input setup (not as good as balanced maximum)
- added: math buttons for single axis export/import as file
- added: unified maximum in converter input setup for values from 0 to 2000
- added: zero offset button in math dialog of the converter
- fixed: play button say the profile name is the same
- fixed: simforceGT and RnR 3D Simulation problems with radeon cards
- changed: partly builded with new compiler of Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Here is a video which show to you the new features in X-Sim and where you find them:

All Pololu users have to take attention, the USO is no longer the place where you setup your controllers.
You have now the high resolution plugin within X-Sim and you can find them autodetected in the interface setup of the converter.
Yokoyoko has done for the new pololu plugin a setup video for all members:

Last but not least Yokoyoko offers us a detailed Howto for the way of a professional math setup:

And now we wish you much fun with this new version ....
Please do not forget to thank yokoyoko for his great work to bring this beta to the community.
If you have some time please help us to build a new active beta group.

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  • Did you know?
  • You can use a game input device for your first simulator test if you use a joystick axis as input instead of a game value. you can setup a user defined joystick in the extractor and define each axis in different ways. For example you can change the input values from -117 to 117 to a slider like value that is from 0 to 117. If you own a joystick with axis or buttons that are not used in a game, you can map there a button for a control function that will be sended to the converter.

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