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Re: Advances in speed for AMC

PostPosted: Wed 5. Dec 2012, 21:43
by vicpopo
prodigy wrote:Very nice motion and reactions Image

What is that squeaking sound, is it from the frame or the motor?

It's a arm in fact the junction without grease. I puted grease and now it's no more noisy.There is noise which come from motors also and when the motors regulating the position without movement on a low frequency ( rpm motor at 15 )

Is it better when projector is moving with frame, or when it is standing still?
I'm asking because I've noticed that image from projector gets distorted (bigger/smaller) when you brake / accelerate.

I have both tested in motion. My opinion is that it's depending of the projection size and the motion amplitude movements.
With my first 2 dof simulator , I made a DIY projector.The particularity is that I can have a very big picture on a near distance between he projector and the screen.I have a 3m long 1,8 m high picture and my simultor is 1,5 m far from the screen.That's means a very big screen which give a real immersion feeling.The movements amplitude are little so it's perfect for me.My friends are,agree with because you realy are inside the motion.
For the second simulator (ac motor) , the movements are bigger faster and I think it's better projector moving with the frame.But in this video the screen size is too small and that is the major problem from the projector.As I fixed it on the frame just behind me and because the distance projection is too small (1,3 m├Ętres) , the screen size is to small also.

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Re: Advances in speed for AMC

PostPosted: Mon 4. Mar 2013, 00:03
by vicpopo

Just have look of amc speed with the most powerfull car type F1.